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Favourite Autumn Picture Books

Autumn is my favourite season – running through leaves in the woods, throwing leaves up in the air and collecting all sorts of autumn goodies – bark, acorns, leaves, conkers. When I was teaching in Early Years I would go out every weekend and come back with bags of treasure for classroom crafts – leaf rubbing, collages, sorting.…

This book is PANTS! - Story Snug

This book is PANTS! by John Kane

This book is PANTS! takes us on a fun, colourful adventure that requires changing pants to suit different occasions. It’s an intergalactic story about friendship, accepting strangers and underwear – the main characters put on ten different pairs of pants throughout the story!…

Story Soup - Story Snug

Story Soup by Abie Longstaff & Nila Aye

Story Soup is a fun, fast paced story in which imagination and sibling rivalry lead to an action packed, madcap adventure with a diverse range of characters. Ollie isn’t happy when sister Susie joins him to make Story Soup but when their characters get into danger they must find a way to work together to help them.…

Story Snug's most viewed blogposts in 2020 - Story Snug

Story Snug’s most viewed blogposts in 2020

Before I start a new year of blogging I’m taking my annual look back at Story Snug’s most viewed blogposts in 2020. It was a quieter year on the blog as homeschooling and lockdown made other demands on my time but Story Snug still had several visitors – thank you to all those of you who invited us to be part of your blog tours, answered our interview questions and also to H.

Picture Books About The Sea - Story Snug

Picture Books About The Sea

We’ll miss our usual holiday to the seaside this year so we decided to read about beaches and oceans instead! This led to the discovery of National Marine Week, ‘The Wildlife Trusts’ nationwide celebration of all things marine.’ Between now and August 9th there are various activities taking place in the UK and online to raise awareness of different kinds of sealife and encourage families to explore beaches.…

The Wind In The Willows - Story Snug

The Wind In The Willows by Kenneth Grahame & Grahame Baker-Smith

We have just finished reading The Wind In The Willows, a classic story that I loved as a child. This new edition has a sturdy, gold embossed hardback cover and includes stunning illustrations by Grahame Baker-Smith. Introducing Mole, Ratty, Badger and Mr Toad, this would make a fabulous present and introduce a new generation of young readers to their countryside adventures..…