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Picture books published in March and April 2020

Many authors and illustrators have had to cancel or postpone book launches and no longer have the opportunity to promote their books in real life. We invited authors, illustrators and publishers to share news of their picture books published in March and April 2020 so that we could share them with you. …

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Which stories will you be telling on National Tell a Fairytale Day?

Which fairytale will you be reading on National Tell a Fairytale Day?

Fairytales and folk tales are an integral part of a country’s traditions and provide a basis for many other stories that we know and love today. We have introduced our daughter to fairytales using books, magazines and other activities but there are still many more fairytales that she is not familiar with. …

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Our favourite Jane Hissey picture books

I first read the Old Bear Stories by Jane Hissey to my reception class when I was a newly qualified teacher and I have loved her work ever since. The toys that she creates are beautifully illustrated and the adventures that come from familiar playroom situations are amusing and appealing to young children (and lots of adults that I know!).…