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Most popular blogposts on Story Snug in 2018

I can’t believe that this year is nearly over and before I start a new year of blogging I decided to take a quick look back at the most popular blogposts on Story Snug in 2018. It was a busy year and Story Snug had several visitors – thank you to all those of you who answered our interview questions, gave us drawing lessons and invited us to be part of blog tours.…

A Christmas Story - Story Snug

Story Snug Advent: C is for A Christmas Story

C is for A Christmas Story by Brian Wildsmith

Brian Wildsmith’s retelling of the Christmas story is told from the point of view of the donkey’s child and a girl called Rebecca. It’s a lovely idea to retell the story from the viewpoint of another character and Brian’s gorgeous illustrations are the perfect accompaniment to this well known story.…