Make and Play Nativity - Story Snug

Make & Play Nativity by Joey Chou

Joey Chou’s Make & Play Nativity is a wonderful introduction to the Nativity for toddlers, pre-schoolers  and Early Years children but it’s also a fun activity for older children. This sturdy little board book includes 20 press out figures, craft ideas, The Christmas Story and a selection of popular Christmas carols.…

Activity Books for school holidays - Story Snug

Activity books for the School Holidays

The summer holidays are very nearly here and we’ve been looking at Activity Books to keep children busy over the summer. While I would definitely advocate a break from formal learning during a school holiday I do like the fact that many of the activities in these books introduce children to new ideas and concepts that they may not have come across as well as stimulate discussion.…

Refuge - Story Snug

Story Snug Advent: R is for Refuge

R is for Refuge by Anne Booth and Sam Usher

Refuge is the story of Mary, Joseph and the birth of baby Jesus told through the eyes of the donkey. The characters aren’t named but the story is so familiar that we immediately know whose story it is.…