The Princess and the Christmas Rescue - Story Snug

Story Snug Advent – December 8th: The Princess and the Christmas Rescue

Did you guess that Princess Eliza was riding in Santa’s sleigh yesterday? She’s a very inventive and determined princess who helps Santa and his elves in The Princess and the Christmas Rescue by Caryl Hart and Sarah Warburton.

The Story: Princess Eliza lives in a palace in the middle of the forest but she doesn’t have any friends as the King and Queen think it’s too dangerous for her to go out.…

Catherine Bruton - Story Snug

Blogtour: No Ballet Shoes in Syria by Catherine Bruton

We are delighted to welcome author Catherine Bruton to Story Snug as part of her No Ballet Shoes in Syria blogtour. We absolutely love this book, it’s a real page turner and we couldn’t put it down. As well as being an entertaining and moving story it also gave us a fascinating insight into the experiences, challenges and difficulties faced by families who have been forced to flee from their home countries and resettle in new and unfamiliar lands.

Fabulous Fictional Friendships - Story Snug

Fabulous fictional friendships – International Friendship Day

Friendship is a central theme in many children’s books and stories and familiar, endearing characters can help children to understand and deal with issues and difficulties in their own friendship situations. To celebrate International Friendship Day we’re sharing fabulous fictional friendships but this isn’t the first International Friendship Day list that we’ve compiled, the more stories that we read, the more fabulous fictional friendships we discover! …

Christopher Edge - author of Maisie Day - Story Snug

Blogtour: Christopher Edge talks about the writing process behind his new novel – The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day

Author Christopher Edge’s fabulous new novel, The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day, has just been published and we are delighted to be part of Christopher’s Maisie Day blog tour. Like Christopher, I’m always fascinated by an author’s writing process, each approach to writing is different. It was really interesting to read about how he wrote Maisie Day and I’m impressed by his ability to just ‘write and write and write’!