What's Where On Earth Atlas - Story Snug

What’s Where On Earth Atlas

The What’s Where On Earth Atlas is absolutely packed full of interesting and educational facts about the world we live in. Having friends and family in various parts of the world means that we often use our globe to find out exactly where a country is and with the support of this atlas we have now learnt a lot more about the different continents, the countries within them and their climates as well as a wealth of interesting information.…

WHIZZ POP BANG! - Story Snug


Age Range: 6 to 11

WHIZZ POP BANG! is ‘An Awesomely Amazing Science Magazine’. Designed to help children get excited by science it contains experiments, facts, puzzles, riddles and jokes all presented in a really fun way. But it’s not only great for children, as a parent and as a teacher, I found it interesting, informative and fun to read too!…

I am a Bunny – Ole Risom & Richard Scarry

Age Range: 2 to 4

This beautifully illustrated board book, illustrated by Richard Scarry, is lovely to introduce the littlest of people to the concept of the seasons and what can be seen and experienced during each one. It is also great to stimulate discussion with older readers about different features of the seasons and where bunnies live.…