Jeff Norton - Story Snug

Jeff Norton talks about how ‘Stomp School’ encourages loud reading

We’re delighted to welcome author Jeff Norton to Story Snug. Jeff’s picture book ‘Stomp School’, illustrated by Leo Antolini, has just been published, it’s a fun, action packed look at a little kaiju’s first day at school. Stomp School is definitely not a calm, bedtime story, its characters are loud and very active and Jeff has joined us to explain why he wrote the story.

Everybody's Welcome - Story Snug

Everybody’s Welcome by Patricia Hegarty and Greg Abbott

Everybody’s Welcome is a wonderful story about empathising with the plight of others and helping them in their hour of need. This beautifully illustrated picture book has a main character, Mouse, who shows compassion, kindness and tolerance towards many different woodland animals and recognises that they can all add individual expertise and strengths to a project which will ultimately benefit them all.…