The Perfect Birthday Recipe - Story Snug

The Perfect Birthday Recipe by Katy Hudson

The Perfect Birthday Recipe is a story of creativity, perfectionism and friendship. Beaver has very particular ideas about how he wants his birthday cake to look but his kind and generous friends want to help him make it. Will it be a recipe for disaster or can Beaver, Squirrel, Tortoise, Rabbit and Bird find a way to make the perfect cake?…

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Blogtour: Lollies 2020 giveaway – win all 12 books on the shortlist!

Huge congratulations to all of the authors and illustrators on the Lollies 2020 shortlist! Voting is open to teachers and their pupils, parents and children who have until December 13th to vote for their favourite funny books.

The Lollies (Laugh Out Loud Awards) were created in response to findings from The Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report™, which found that what two-thirds of children aged 6-17 looked for when choosing books for themselves were ‘books that make me laugh’.…

Sneaky Beak - Story Snug

Sneaky Beak by Tracey Corderoy & Tony Neal

Sneaky Beak takes a humorous look at consumerism, advertising and what makes us happy. Sneaky Beak is a master salesbird who sells the most amazing household items but does Bear need a Snores-Galore Mega Bed or a Crunch-O-Matic Granola Maker? Will they really improve his quality of life?…