Learning with Elmer by David McKee - Story Snug

The most viewed blogposts on Story Snug in 2015

Happy New Year to you all!

Before we start a new year of book recommendations we’re looking back at the most viewed blogposts of 2015. They aren’t all blogposts that were written last year and they include several of our learning activities posts where we have linked different arts, crafts, science and other learning activities to some of our favourite picture books.…

Happy 2nd Birthday Story Snug

Happy 2nd Birthday to Story Snug!

Story Snug is 2 years old today! There are lots of people to thank before we share the five most viewed books during the last two years.

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Story Snug’s followers and to all of you who leave lovely comments on the posts.…

Cactus Annie - Story Snug

Cactus Annie by Melanie Williamson

The Story: Cactus Annie doesn’t want to go to cowgirl school. On her first day she gets everything wrong and Miss Tumbleweed, the teacher, tells her that she must try harder. On the second day of school Cactus Annie arrives to find that the pesky rats have stolen all the cows so Miss Tumbleweed sends everybody home.…