Michael Bond - A Bear Called Paddington - Story Snug

A Bear Called Paddington / More About Paddington by Michael Bond & Peggy Fortnum

Age Range: 6+

From the moment that the Brown family meet a small bear on Paddington Station their life changes as the bear brings his own particular brand of chaos into their household! I have just finished reading the first two Paddington books to my daughter and there were two stories that made me laugh so much that I had tears rolling down my face as I struggled to keep reading.…

I am Too Absolutely Small for School (Charlie and Lola) - Story Snug

I am TOO absolutely small for school (Charlie & Lola) by Lauren Child

Age Range: 4 to 6

If you have a child who is starting school this year now is the time to start reading picture books about characters who are also going through the same experience. In I am TOO absolutely small for school we love the conversations between Lola and her big brother Charlie about her thoughts and reasons for not wanting to (or even needing!) to start school!…