Snowy & Christmas Book Advent - Story Snug

Book Tree Advent Calendar

A few months ago our daughter discovered that our two little men, Christmas and Snowy, had help with the book Advent Calendars that Story Snug has done for the previous two years so now it’s time for something different – a book tree Advent Calendar.…

Happy Hooves Oh! Oh! Oh! - Story Snug

Happy Hooves Oh! Oh! Oh! by A. Bogie & Rebecca Elliott

Age Range: 3 to 6

This fun, festive rhyming story about The Happy Hooves gang includes snow, beautifully decorated trees, snazzy Christmas jumpers and a catchy, repetitive refrain.

The Story: It’s Christmas Eve and Cow’s barn is ready for Santa’s visit but she is dismayed to find that the Happy Hooves gang are all napping.…