Storybook Witches - Story Snug

Storybook Witches

Halloween is just over a week away and many of you will be reading Halloween themed stories. We have thought of as many fictional witches as we can but we’re sure that we have missed lots! Do you have a favourite fictional witch to add to our list?…

Fictional Best Friends - Story Snug

Fictional Best Friends

What would we do without a best friend? June 8th is National Best Friends Day in the USA and we had great fun looking through our book collection to find some of our favourite fictional best friends.

Pip and Posy – Axel Scheffler: We have several Pip and Posy stories and they make a great introduction to the concept of best friends.…

My Pop-Up World by Nicola Killen

Age Range: 1 to 3

We won two My Pop-Up World novelty books in a Twitter giveaway from author / illustrator Nicola Killen. Although my daughter is no longer a toddler she is fascinated by the brightly coloured pop-ups and is using the books to practise her reading.…