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Story Snug Advent: P is for The Princess and the Christmas Rescue

P is for The Princess and the Christmas Rescue

We’re huge fans of Caryl Hart and Sarah Warburton’s Princess stories and their newest story, The Princess and the Christmas Rescue has a wonderful festive flavour. At home Princess Eliza is discouraged from inventing new gadgets as her father considers them ‘far from Princessy’ but it is her inventive mind and her resourcefulness that eventually leads to her success in making friends.…

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The most viewed blogposts on Story Snug in 2015

Happy New Year to you all!

Before we start a new year of book recommendations we’re looking back at the most viewed blogposts of 2015. They aren’t all blogposts that were written last year and they include several of our learning activities posts where we have linked different arts, crafts, science and other learning activities to some of our favourite picture books.…

Snowy & Christmas Book Advent - Story Snug

Book Tree Advent Calendar

A few months ago our daughter discovered that our two little men, Christmas and Snowy, had help with the book Advent Calendars that Story Snug has done for the previous two years so now it’s time for something different – a book tree Advent Calendar.…