Turn and Learn: Weather - Story Snug

Turn and Learn: Weather by Isabel Otter and Hannah Tolson

Turn and Learn: Weather is a fabulous picture book which looks at five different kinds of weather. It’s a beautifully illustrated, novelty non fiction book which has a magic slider on each double spread. The different types of weather are explained through a ‘What is…?’ question before giving more details about the roles different kinds of weather play and how it can affect us.…

The Last Human - Story Snug

The Last Human by Lee Bacon

In The Last Human, robots have taken over the world and humans are extinct. One day a young robot; XR_935, and his co-workers discover a human girl, Emma, and are thrown into quandary as they decide how to deal with the situation – they have always been told how evil humans are and how much better their world is without them.…

The Last Spell Breather - Story Snug

The Last Spell Breather by Julie Pike & Dinara Mirtalipova

The Last Spell Breather is a magical, action packed adventure which had us turning the pages until the end of the book. Mam is a spell breather, her spells keep the village of Penderin safe, and Rayne is her apprentice. But Mam has kept secrets from Rayne, secrets that Rayne uncovers when she is forced to make a dangerous journey out of the village to The Great Library.…

Catherine Bruton - Story Snug

Blogtour: No Ballet Shoes in Syria by Catherine Bruton

We are delighted to welcome author Catherine Bruton to Story Snug as part of her No Ballet Shoes in Syria blogtour. We absolutely love this book, it’s a real page turner and we couldn’t put it down. As well as being an entertaining and moving story it also gave us a fascinating insight into the experiences, challenges and difficulties faced by families who have been forced to flee from their home countries and resettle in new and unfamiliar lands.