What's Where On Earth Atlas - Story Snug

What’s Where On Earth Atlas

The What’s Where On Earth Atlas is absolutely packed full of interesting and educational facts about the world we live in. Having friends and family in various parts of the world means that we often use our globe to find out exactly where a country is and with the support of this atlas we have now learnt a lot more about the different continents, the countries within them and their climates as well as a wealth of interesting information.…

We are Family - Story Snug

We Are Family by Patricia Hegarty & Ryan Wheatcroft

Every family is different and this beautifully illustrated picture book wonderfully portrays the diverse nature of families in our society today. Despite many differences in family structures there are also many similarities and experiences regardless of race, religion or colour. We Are Family does a fantastic job of portraying different families whilst showing how their members support and live with each other through good times and bad.…

The Nutcracker - Story Snug

Story Snug Advent: N is for The Nutcracker

N is for The Nutcracker

We’ve only read very simple picture book versions of The Nutcracker so we found this beautifully illustrated, wordier edition of the story really fascinating to read. We weren’t aware of the curse that resulted in a young man becoming a nutcracker and didn’t realise just how evil The Mouse Queen is!…