The Perfect Birthday Recipe - Story Snug

The Perfect Birthday Recipe by Katy Hudson

The Perfect Birthday Recipe is a story of creativity, perfectionism and friendship. Beaver has very particular ideas about how he wants his birthday cake to look but his kind and generous friends want to help him make it. Will it be a recipe for disaster or can Beaver, Squirrel, Tortoise, Rabbit and Bird find a way to make the perfect cake?…

The Princess and the Christmas Rescue - Story Snug

Story Snug Advent – December 8th: The Princess and the Christmas Rescue

Did you guess that Princess Eliza was riding in Santa’s sleigh yesterday? She’s a very inventive and determined princess who helps Santa and his elves in The Princess and the Christmas Rescue by Caryl Hart and Sarah Warburton.

The Story: Princess Eliza lives in a palace in the middle of the forest but she doesn’t have any friends as the King and Queen think it’s too dangerous for her to go out.…