The Abbey Mystery - Story Snug

Blogtour: Jane Austen Investigates: The Abbey Mystery by Julia Golding

Jane Austen Investigates: The Abbey Mystery is an action packed, page turning mystery starring thirteen year old Jane Austen. Set in 1789 it gives a fascinating insight into the class system of the time, high society entertainment and new inventions. We love the way that it combines a fast paced mystery with a historical setting and has a brave, strong willed heroine who is not afraid to stand up for others.…

Climate Emergency Atlas - Story Snug

Climate Emergency Atlas by Dan Hooke

Climate Emergency Atlas What’s Happening – What Can We Do takes a fascinating and in depth look at our earth’s climate, what climate change is and how it’s affecting our planet. Although Thursday 22nd April is Earth Day every day should be Earth Day, our planet desperately needs our help.…

Monstrous Devices - Story Snug

Blogtour: Monstrous Devices by Damien Love

Story Snug is excited to be joining Damien Love’s Monstrous Devices blogtour. Monstrous Devices, Damien’s debut novel which has just been published in paperback, is a fast paced, action packed adventure which takes us on a journey across Europe as old secrets and rivalries are uncovered.…

Story Snug 8 years old - Story Snug

Happy Birthday Story Snug – 8 years old today!

I can’t believe that Story Snug is 8 years old today! 

It’s been a funny old year, for obvious reasons, and blogging took a bit of a back seat due to other demands on my time. But every cloud has a silver lining and we’ve had a lot more time to read 🙂

We’ve read lots of wonderful books, old and new, including a wide range of picture books – fiction and non fiction, chapter books and middle grade.…

The House of One Hundred Clocks - Story Snug

The House of One Hundred Clocks by A. M. Howell

The House of One Hundred Clocks is an atmospheric mystery set in Cambridge in 1905. It’s a real page turner which weaves 19th century clockwork and engineering, women’s equality and dealing with grief into the story. Heartache, family secrets and an intriguing cast of characters, including a parrot, become more intertwined throughout the book and we just had to keep reading to see how the story would end.…

The Wind In The Willows - Story Snug

The Wind In The Willows by Kenneth Grahame & Grahame Baker-Smith

We have just finished reading The Wind In The Willows, a classic story that I loved as a child. This new edition has a sturdy, gold embossed hardback cover and includes stunning illustrations by Grahame Baker-Smith. Introducing Mole, Ratty, Badger and Mr Toad, this would make a fabulous present and introduce a new generation of young readers to their countryside adventures..…