Shadows of Winterspell - Story Snug

Shadows of Winterspell by Amy Wilson & Helen Crawford-White

Shadows of Winterspell combines secrets, friendship, magic and reality in a page turning novel that had us gripped until the end. Stella’s family secrets are threatening the safety of the creatures that live in Winterspell Forest and when she makes new friends at school she realises that facing these secrets is the key to driving the shadows away and making the forest safe again.…

My Naughty Little Sister and Father Christmas - Story Snug

Story Snug Advent – December 19th: My Naughty Little Sister and Father Christmas

Yesterday’s Father Christmas is on the cover of My Naughty Little Sister and Father Christmas by Dorothy Edwards and Shirley Hughes.

The Story: My Naughty Little Sister loves everything about Christmas but she doesn’t like Father Christmas. At school my naughty little sister admires all the decorations that the children have made and falls in love with a blue doll on the Christmas tree.…

The Crayon Man author - Natascha Biebow - Story Snug

The Crayon Man author, Natascha Biebow, talks about ‘Why Reading Non-Fiction Books is the Bees’ Knees!’

The Crayon Man, by Natascha Biebow & Steven Salerno, is a colourful non fiction picture book which tells the story of Edwin Binney, the inventor of Crayola Crayons. It’s an absolutely fascinating read, crayons are such an integral part of our daily life but we had never considered how they were invented before!

The Last Human - Story Snug

The Last Human by Lee Bacon

In The Last Human, robots have taken over the world and humans are extinct. One day a young robot; XR_935, and his co-workers discover a human girl, Emma, and are thrown into quandary as they decide how to deal with the situation – they have always been told how evil humans are and how much better their world is without them.…