Recommendation Policy

Story Snug recommends picture books and early chapter books (mainly) for expats who don’t have the opportunity to browse English books in bookshops or libraries. We recommend books rather than review them so that our blog followers know that when a book is on the blog we have personally read it and enjoyed it. Story Snug’s main critic is eight years old, if she likes a book it goes on the blog, if not then it doesn’t. The exception to this is the books that are recommended on our author / illustrator guest posts.

We are happy to receive picture books, early chapter books and activity books from publishers, authors or PR companies on the understanding that the book will only be featured on the blog if we like it and are happy to recommend it to others. Currently we don’t consider self published books and haven’t introduced our young critic to ebooks and apps (unless they are related to a book that we already own). The books that we recommend are a mix from our own collection, the library or books that publishers, authors or PR companies have sent us and all views and opinions are ours. Should a book on the blog come from another source we are happy to acknowledge that source. Depending on time commitments and the time of year it can take a while after we read a book for a recommendation to be posted.

Please understand that Story Snug is not my job and I write the recommendations purely for pleasure. I can’t always respond to emails immediately, especially in school holidays when the time I have for blogging is greatly reduced.

Best wishes and thank you to all those of you who support Story Snug!


September 2016