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Toto by Ximo Abadía

Toto is a quirky, inspiring story which conveys an important message – follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t give up! We love the story of a donkey who leaves his small town to travel to the big city to fulfil his dream of becoming an astronaut.…

International Book Giving Day posts by Priya Kuriyan - Story Snug

Celebrating & supporting International Book Giving Day 2019

Just a month to go until International Book Giving Day 2019 which takes place on Thursday February 14th. It’s one of Story Snug’s favourite days of the year and we’re delighted to be part of the International Book Giving Day team 🙂

What is International Book Giving Day?

The Girls - Story Snug

The Girls by Lauren Ace and Jenny Løvlie

The Girls is a beautifully illustrated picture book which follows four girls from childhood through to adulthood. It celebrates the bonds of female friendship and highlights the support that friends can give us through the different stages of our lives, during bad times as well as good.…

Story Snug's Most Popular Posts 2018 - Story Snug

Most popular blogposts on Story Snug in 2018

I can’t believe that this year is nearly over and before I start a new year of blogging I decided to take a quick look back at the most popular blogposts on Story Snug in 2018. It was a busy year and Story Snug had several visitors – thank you to all those of you who answered our interview questions, gave us drawing lessons and invited us to be part of blog tours.…