Emmy Perry - Book Giving Day - Story Snug

Emma Perry talks about organising International Book Giving Day

International Book Giving Day (IBGD) is an annual event that takes place on February 14th and it’s one of our favourite days of the year. Here at Story Snug we’re delighted to be part of the International Book Giving Day team and as well as helping to spread the word about the day we can’t wait to reveal this year’s new poster in just two days time!

Olivia Helps with Christmas - Story Snug

Dec 5th: Melanie McGilloway chooses Olivia Helps With Christmas

The Story: It is Christmas Eve and Olivia is helping her mum with preparations for the big day, with hilarious consequences, while impatiently waiting for Father Christmas.

Why is this your favourite Christmas book?

We have always loved Olivia’s enthusiastic yet accident-prone approach to life in general but her well-intended attempts to help with Christmas preparations are rather priceless.…