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My Momma Zo by Kelly Allen, Zoey Allen & Tara O’Brien

My Momma Zo introduces us to a family with two mums, one of whom is trans. It’s the empowering story of a family that supports each other as they come to terms with Parent Zo’s transition. The story is told by Momma Zo’s daughter, Molly, who talks candidly about her parents and their family situation.

The Story: Molly lives with her brother George, her two mums, Mommy Kel and Momma Zo, and Ziggy the dog. Molly introduces each member of the family by telling us what they like or don’t like doing or eating. When she introduces Momma Zo we are told about her likes and dislikes including that she doesn’t like it when she has to shave her face.

Momma Zo was often sad and unhappy but nobody knew why until one New Year when she dressed in a black sparkly dress and looked beautiful. She thought that her family wouldn’t love her if she told them how she felt but George reassures them all that Momma Zo is still the same person inside and Molly wishes that everybody would be like Ziggy who loves Momma Zo ‘no matter what’.

Molly’s family are like any other, they lead busy lives – take trips to the beach or stay at home and craft. But their life is much happier now that Momma Zo can be herself. There have been uncertainties along the way and there are sometimes occasions when they go out and people laugh or stare which is hurtful for Molly.

Tara O Brien’s bold, colourful illustrations complement Molly’s heartfelt and emotive text. With family support Momma Zo becomes more confident, grows her hair, practises her makeup and feels comfortable in who she is.

This simply written, heartfelt picture book can support parents and children who are experiencing the transition of a family member. We love the candid way that it tackles a powerful subject, it would make a great addition to a school library and can be used in the classroom to stimulate conversations about diversity in families.

Age Range: 3+

Authors: Kelly & Zoey Allen / Illustrator: Tara O’Brien

Thank you to UCLan Publishing for sending a review copy of this empowering picture book and thank you to Kelly and Zoey for sharing your story.

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2 responses to “My Momma Zo by Kelly Allen, Zoey Allen & Tara O’Brien”

  1. Kim Carberry avatar

    What a fantastic book and story. There needs to be more books like this to share and support families. x

    1. Catherine avatar

      I agree Kim. I think it’s fantastic that Kelly and Zoey are sharing their story and hope that it will support other families in the same situation.