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Through the North Pole Snow by Polly Faber & Richard Jones

Through the North Pole Snow is a wonderfully heartwarming Christmas story with fabulous whimsical illustrations. When a little white fox finds a home with a kind old man she has no idea who he really is. The relationship that develops between them is beautiful and shows that kindness and compassion at Christmas can develop into something really special.

The Story: A cold, hungry fox is given shelter and food by a tired old man. The man sleeps a lot but when the snow disappears he gets up and works very hard. At the end of the year letters arrive and the man fills his sleigh with presents. And when the little fox flies with the man she realises exactly who he is…

This gentle story takes us through Father Christmas’ year through the eyes of the fox. While he sleeps she explores the house – we love the little clues to his identity and it’s fun for the reader to know something that the main character doesn’t. Once he’s awake the little fox watches as he makes toys, writes lists then fills a large sack. And on Christmas Eve the little fox accompanies the man on a magical journey where she experiences the joy of giving.

Richard Jones’ illustrations are gorgeous and perfect for the festive season – the cold white snow at the beginning gives way to a warm, cosy house with a fire in the grate and food on the table. We love the cute white fox and the way that clues to the man’s identity are included in the illustrations. One of our favourite illustrations is the parcel page – readers can try and guess what is inside each colourfully wrapped gift.

We love the simplicity and charm of Through the North Pole Snow and the way that the relationship develops between the two characters. It’s a beautifully calming bedtime story and would also make a great addition to a Book Tree Advent Calendar.

Age Range: 3+

Author: Polly Faber / Illustrator: Richard Jones

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2 responses to “Through the North Pole Snow by Polly Faber & Richard Jones”

  1. Amila avatar

    Gorgeous illustrations in this book. I can see that from the shared photos. Thanks for introducing to us too. Have a great day!

    1. Catherine avatar

      I love the simplicity and humour of the illustrations 🙂 Have a great day too!