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Blogtour: The Faber Book of Bedtime Stories – Q & A with Lucy Farfort

The Faber Book of Bedtime Stories is a wonderful collection of bedtime stories that convey messages of bravery, hope and kindness in a variety of situations. Seventeen children’s authors introduce readers to a diverse cast of characters and take us on amazing adventures in short stories which are beautifully illustrated by Sarah McIntyre.

There’s a story for everybody in this book! Unicorn lovers will enjoy reading about Partycorn’s attempt to cancel bedtime, insect lovers and young bakers will love Bug and the Bake-Off at Mr Crimp’s bakery, more introverted readers will identify with artistic Foxy Tall Tail and children starting a new school will relate to Abi’s experience of trying to settle in and learn a new language. 

We join Haniya and her family as she finds a way to help hungry people in her local community, we learn about the worries and needs of the bees in Bea’s grandad’s garden and we share Dana’s excitement as she chooses the ingredients for her first dream jar. We love the story of Clementine helping the farmyard chickens and enjoyed the story of Meg and the adorable magical creature that she looks after for a day.

We absolutely love the contents pages at the beginning of the book. Each story title and author name has a beautiful vignette giving an intriguing clue about the story.

We were held captive by the heroine’s journey in Lucy Farfort’s Light Bearer, a story of hope which takes us on a quest with fairytale qualities. We’re delighted that Lucy has joined us to tell us more about the story.

Light Bearer illustration: Sarah McIntyre’s blog

Light Bearer is a fable-like story about a girl called Ailana and her dog, Storm. When their village Elder’s dream reveals the existence of some magical element that can help their tribal homeland regain its lost happiness, Ailana is tasked to find this unknown thing, and sets out on a quest with Storm to bring it back.

This story has such a beautiful message and a really heartwarming ending – it’s perfect for bedtime. What was your favourite bedtime story as a child, Lucy?

As a child I loved fairy tales (well I still do) so my favourite bedtime reading was always one fairytale or another. My parents had an old hardback copy of the book The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley, with beautiful colour illustrations by Willliam Heath Robinson. I worked my way through the book – reading it before bed, and those words made me feel like I had been transported to some far away land.

I also read The Water Babies as a child but I’ve forgotten the story. I wonder where my copy is now!

About Lucy Farfort

Lucy Farfort is an illustrator, passionate about the need for more diversity in children’s publishing. In 2017 she was awarded first prize for illustration in Faber Children’s inaugural FAB Prize competition. Lucy enjoys working in watercolour, and experimenting with pattern and texture.
Lucy’s website / Twitter / Instagram

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Thank you to Faber Children’s for sending a review copy of this fabulous book. It would make a great Christmas present for a young reader.

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