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SUPERHEROES DON’T GET SCARED by Kate Thompson & Clare Elsom

SUPERHEROES DON’T GET SCARED is a fabulously empowering, humorous picture book that can help children to understand their emotions and reassure them that it’s ok to be scared sometimes. The superheroes in the story all have a particular fear and their experiences help main character Maisie learn to face up to her own.

The Story: Maisie is feeling scared and small. She wishes that she was a superhero as she thinks that they never get scared. But then Mum and Dad reveal that Maisie’s favourite superheroes all have specific fears too.

Despite the fact that Burpnado, Specstacular and Bogey Boy (such fabulous superhero names!) have a particular fear Maisie recounts incidences in which they have faced their nemeses and convinces herself that they never really get scared. 

But then Dad explains how the superheroes have managed to face their individual fears in the face of danger and Maisie finally acknowledges that it’s ok to feel scared.

Maisie is a character that children can easily relate to and her fear is dealt with in a calm and understanding way using her heroes as examples. The superheroes’ fears also show that however insignificant a fear may be to one person it can be quite scary to another. We love the way that they eventually overcome their fears when faced with Jelly Blob, Blackout Burglar Bat and Disco Bug – such fun and original names.

Claire Elsom’s bold, comic style illustrations perfectly complement the easy to read, rhyming text. They’re colourful, vibrant and full of action. We particular love the under the sea illustration with Burponado.

SUPERHEROES DON’T GET SCARED is a fabulous book to encourage discussions about fears and how children can overcome them. It’s the perfect book for an early years / key stage one classroom.

Age Range: 3 +

Author: Kate Thompson / Illustrator: Clare Elsom

Thank you to Trigger Publishing for sending a review copy of this empowering book.

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