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Kitchen Science by Laura Minter & Tia Williams

Kitchen Science 30 Awesome STEM Experiments To Try At Home is a brilliant activity book full of 30 science experiments that can be done using everyday household items. If you’re looking for fun, easy to follow, science experiments this is definitely the book for you.

The book starts with a contents page, an introduction and a list of tools and useful equipment to find before you get started. It also cautions that some activities need to be done under the supervision of an adult.

There are so many fabulous activities in this book that it’s hard to choose favourites. We particularly love the red cabbage chemistry experiment which teaches about acid, neutral and base solutions and the PH Scale.

There are several edible science activities! Ice cream in a bag explains how liquids can be turned into solids, rainbow coloured sugar crystal swizzlers introduce saturated solutions and did you know that carbon dioxide creates holes in honeycomb candied lava? Microwaves are explained through baking teacup cakes and bunny bread buns shows us how yeast helps food rise.

More unusual science activities include making rainbow window gems using gelatine, making raisins dance, creating beautiful salt paintings, growing gummy bears and one that my daughter loved doing when she was younger – finding ways to melt ice…

The pages are attractive and well laid out with easy to follow instructions. Colour photos lead you through every step of the process with a ‘Science Made Simple’ explanation at the end. A glossary at the end of the book explains vocabulary that is used in the experiments.

Kitchen Science is a great book of learning activities which would be great to keep children busy over the long summer holidays.

Age Range: 6 + (with supervision for some of the experiments!)

Authors: Laura Minter & Tia Williams

Thank you to Little Button Books for sending a review copy of this fun introduction to science.

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