Blog Tour: FUNNY BUMS, FREAKY BEAKS and other incredible creature features by Alex Morss, Sean Taylor & Sarah Edmonds

FUNNY BUMS, FREAKY BEAKS and other incredible creature features takes a fascinating look at the more unusual features of a range of weird and wonderful animals. It explains how many of these features are there for a reason and have evolved over time to help a creature survive.

Strange tails, puzzling toes, odd noses, funny bums, freaky beaks, extraordinary eyes, perplexing necks, weird ears, terrific teeth and peculiar tongues are all featured in this beautiful non fiction picture book. 

The books starts with an introduction to evolution and explains how an animal’s distinct features can become more pronounced over time. Two double spreads look at a particular feature. The first page highlights one animal’s distinctive features then the animal introduces other creatures who share that same attribute.

The final double spread introduces the amazing attributes that we as humans have. But despite our amazing brains we are putting our wildlife and their habitats in danger.

The leafy seahorse covered in leaves for camouflage, the saiga with its peculiar shaped nose, the star nosed mole and the Fitzroy river turtle which breathes with its bum – there are so many creatures in this book that we had never heard of! It was fascinating to read that a male proboscis monkey’s giant floppy nose helps him find a mate, the Indian bullfrog has a pair of speakers on his neck which means he can be heard from several kilometres away and manatees move underwater by farting! 

Funny Bums and Freaky Beaks is beautifully illustrated and we love the way that the colourful images and short chunks of text are interspersed in a way that make it less daunting for a beginning reader.

If you’re looking for an animal book with a difference, FUNNY BUMS, FREAKY BEAKS and other incredible creature features is a fascinating learning resource for animal loving readers. It’s a great coffee table book that can stimulate lots of interesting conversations and is a fascinating book for primary school children to pore over together in the classroom.

We have three copies of this fabulous book to give away on Twitter. RT and like this tweet. Ends 8pm (GMT) on Friday May 20th. UK addresses only. Winners will be picked using a random number generator. 

Age Range: 4 +

Authors: Alex Morss and Sean Taylor / Illustrator: Sarah Edmonds

Thank you to Wellbeck Publishing for sending a review copy of FUNNY BUMS, FREAKY BEAKS and other incredible creature features. You can read more about the book on the other blogtour stops;

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