HOW MESSY! by Clare Helen Welsh & Olivier Tallec

Dot and Duck are back in a new story – HOW MESSY! We love this duo whose opposing views cause them to come to blows before solving their problems in an innovative way. All readers will be able to identify with one or other of the characters – depending on whether you are messy or particularly tidy!

The Story: Everything that Duck does leaves a mess and Dot is not happy. They decide to go outside and play on the beach but end up arguing. Duck attempts to make amends and they find a way to make a sandcastle together. But then something unpredictable happens…

Dot and Duck are endearing characters with a volatile friendship which is often tested by their actions. In HOW SELFISH! they squabble over a stick and in HOW RUDE!Duck displays a total lack of manners when he visits Dot. Both these situations are resolved and show children how to deal with similar problems. HOW MESSY! also takes an amusing look at a familiar situation which leads to Dot and Duck learning to consider each others’ habits and points of view. 

We love the style of the illustrations on a predominantly white background. They complement the simplicity of the sparse text perfectly. Dot and Duck provide bright splashes of colour both at home and on the beach and we particularly love the way that so much emotion is shown in their expressions.

HOW MESSY! is a brilliant book to instigate discussions about different opinions. It’s perfect for an early years classroom and would be a great text for a beginner reader to tackle. Its repetitive refrain makes it a great story to join in with – HOW MESSY!

Age Range: 2+

Author: Clare Helen Welsh / Illustrator: Olivier Tallec

Thank you to Quarto for sending a copy of HOW MESSY! We wonder what Dot and Duck will get up to in their next story…

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