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Mums come in all different shapes and sizes and more and more picture books portraying their roles in diverse family structures are now being published. Patchwork families, single parent families, foster families and families with same sex parents all play a role in society today and it’s important that children see these different family structures in picture books.

For Mothers Day we have chosen two picture book mums who inspire us. We love the way that these mums support Jake and Calvin in inspirational and heartwarming ways.

My Must-Have Mum by Maudie Smith and Jen Khatun

We love My Must-Have Mum! She’s resourceful, innovative, seizes opportunities and cares deeply about her son, Jake. The themes of recycling / upcycling and family relationships run through this beautifully illustrated, diverse picture book.

Home For a While by Lauren Kerstein and Natalia Moore

We adore Maggie! She’s a warm, caring and extremely patient foster mum who offers Calvin the security and support that he needs after living in a succession of different homes.

This beautifully illustrated picture book shows the roles that mothers have within a range of diverse family structure.

We Are Family by Patricia Hegarty and Ryan Wheatcroft
We are Family - Story Snug

We Are Family does a wonderful job of showing that despite different family structures we share many experiences as we support family members through good and bad.

Sadly some children have to find ways to come to terms with the fact that their mum is no longer with them.

The Garden of Hope by Isabel Otter and Katie Rewse

The Garden of Hope tells the story of how Maya and her father learn to cope in the absence of Maya’s mother. It’s unclear why Maya’s mum is no longer with her so The Garden of Hope is open to interpretation and can help children deal with different kinds of loss.

The Garden of Hope - Story Snug

Picture books can have a huge impact on children’s understanding of the world around them and it’s important that they reflect the experiences and family structures of all children. Can you recommend any inspirational picture book mums?

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  1. Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs avatar

    Lovely books to celebrate motherhood! Happy Mother’s Day Catherine. 🙂

    1. Catherine avatar

      Thanks Jayne 🙂

      Happy Mothers Day!