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Dodos ARE NOT EXTINCT! by Paddy Donnelly

Dodos ARE NOT EXTINCT! takes a hilarious but informative look at several species of extinct animals. Woolly mammoths, dinosaurs, sabre-toothed tigers and great auks, to name but a few, are brought to life in an amusing and original way which also adds lots of learning to the laughter.

Dodo has a secret! 

He’s not extinct! He just disguises himself to avoid unwanted attention…

Dodo explains that many birds, animals and dinosaurs that we think are extinct aren’t. They’re still with us – but in disguise! They’re living and working in our communities – sometimes disguised as humans but also hiding in plain sight. Some even have high paid jobs to fund their fabulous disguises! 

We love the way that quaggas use pants or sweaters as a disguise and the way that the giant Irish Elk hides itself. Eccentric Uncle Hugo’s disguise made us laugh – he disguised himself as an ostrich for a whole fortnight!

We were already familiar with several of the creatures that Dodo introduces us to but we’d never heard of others – the quagga and the Irish elk. A timeline at the end of the book shows us when and where the creatures lived and why they became extinct – some have naturally become extinct whilst others are extinct because of humour behaviour. There are many more at risk and suggestions are given as to how we can help preserve them

Dodos ARE NOT EXTINCT!’s illustrations are bold, colourful and full of quirky details showing the different creatures and how they disguise themselves…

Dodos ARE NOT EXTINCT! is a fun book to share with children in a primary classroom. Laughter and learning are intertwined as the various creatures are introduced and the book can be used to stimulate discussion about extinction, endangered animals and how we can protect them.

This is a great introduction to creatures that became extinct and we love the way that so much information is intertwined with humour to make the book a fun learning experience.

Age Range: 3 +

Author / Illustrator: Paddy Donnelly

Thank you to Paddy Donnelly for sending a review copy of this awesome book.

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