Meg and Mog by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pieńkowski

We’re sad to hear of the death of Jan Pieńkowski – his colourful characters, Meg, Mog and Owl were some of the first picture book characters that I was introduced to. I remember reading them in my infant school classroom and we frequently borrowed the books from the library. Our copy of Meg and Mog was published in 1975 and still has that wonderful old book smell 🙂

Meg and Mog - Story Snug

The Story: Meg, Mog and Owl get up at midnight, have breakfast then leave for the Halloween spell party. They meet Meg’s friends on the top of a hill to make a spell. But the spell goes horribly wrong…

The consequences of the spell always make us laugh. With a frog, a beetle, a worm, a bat and a spider in the cauldron what could possibly go wrong?!

We love the relationship between Meg, Mog and Owl and the way that they look after each other. Then there are Meg’s friends, Tess, Jess, Bess and Cress, who leave the Halloween party looking very different to when they arrived…

These are perfect first picture books for young readers. Jan Pieńkowski’s distinctive illustrations use bright, bold colours and complement the text which is often shown in speech bubbles.

We’ve enjoyed many of Meg’s stories, another big favourite here was Meg’s Eggs. They can also be bought as board books and we love the animations, several of the animated stories can be found on YouTube.

Do you have a favourite Meg and Mog story?

Age Range: 1 +

Author: Helen Nicoll / Illustrator: Jan Pieńkowski

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  1. Oh, how very sad. We love Meg and Mog and have many favourites! Jan’s fantastic work will certainly live on in these books.

  2. We love books. It is sad to hear of the death of Jan Pieńkowski
    This story sounds interesting and my son would love to read.

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