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Wide Awake Wolf by Georgiana Deutsch & Megan Tadden

Wide Awake Wolf can’t sleep! 

This beautifully illustrated night time adventure follows Wolf and his friends as they try and find sleep. But what exactly does sleep look like? This gentle, heartwarming story is perfect to include in a child’s bedtime routine. We absolutely love the way that Wolf discovers the answer to his question 🙂

The Story: It’s bedtime but Wolf can’t sleep. He decides to go and find sleep and is joined by Hedgehog and Badger as he looks. But sleep is nowhere to be found. Wolf decides to ask Owl for help and she knows exactly how to solve their problem…

Wolf tries having a bath, a snack and hanging upside down like a bat but they don’t make him sleepy so he decides to search further afield. He manages to wake friends up as he looks for sleep in yawns and snores but Owl’s solution to the problem is not to look for sleep. Wolf and his friends must find a way to let sleep come to them.

So Wolf and his friends stop racing around, sit comfortably and listen to Owl’s bedtime story.

We love Wolf’s determination and the relationship he has with her friends who are happy to help him find a solution to his problem. Megan Tadden’s animal illustrations are really cute – we love Badger’s red jacket and Hedgehog’s scarf. Her fabulous purple and blue illustrations are wonderfully atmospheric and portray the night time atmosphere perfectly.

Wide Awake Wolf is a great book to stimulate discussion about how children can get to sleep and the stories that they enjoy listening to at bedtime. It’s also a great introduction to nocturnal animals.

Age Range: 3 +

Author: Georgiana Deutsch / Illustrator: Megan Tadden

Thank you to Little Tiger for sending Wide Awake Wolf. It’s such a gorgeous bedtime story 🙂

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