Christmas Book Spine Poems

If your little bookworm is looking for a festive activity you can have a lot of fun making Christmas book spine poems. Creating book spine poems at school, at home or in the library is a great way to promote literacy skills and encourage children to talk about stories. Book spine poems are also really simple to create! Just browse a bookshelf, choose titles that you can put together to make a short poem or story and then take a picture of the book spines – easy!

We have so many Christmas picture books that we spent a while putting our poems together…

But here’s our first poem…

And the second…

The learning doesn’t need to stop with creating the book spine poems. Children can also be encouraged to sort their book poems alphabetically by title, author or illustrator. If they’re working in the library they will also need to understand the Dewey system to make sure that they put their books back onto the right shelves!

We’d love to read your Christmas book spine poems. Please leave your poems in the comments 🙂

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