Story themed Advent Calendars

Over the years we’ve enjoyed various story themed Advent Calendars to help us count down the days until Christmas. We always put our Christmas books away during the year and get them out around the end of November, it’s such a lovely treat to rediscover old favourites and forgotten stories.

We’ve put together a selection of story themed Advent Calendars that will appeal to little bookworms. Some we’ve made ourselves and others we’ve found as we’ve looked for our own 2021 Advent Calendars.

Christmas Tree Book Advent Calendar

It’s fun wrapping up twenty four Christmas books to make a Christmas Tree Book Advent Calendar although it does take a lot longer than you think! I wrapped lots of our own books, old and new, but I also wrapped books from the library to add to the element of surprise.


Christmas Bedtime Story Advent Calendar

I used a template from Twinkl Resources to create a Christmas Bedtime Story Advent Calendar. Behind each door I glued a picture of a Christmas story to read at bedtime. The books I chose were mainly picture books but I also included Christmas stories from My Naughty Little Sister and Teddy Robinson.

Christmas Bedtime Story Advent Calendar - Story Snug


Advent stories in 24½ chapters

We love both of Alex T. Smith‘s Advent stories which are told in twenty four and a half chapters. They’re real page turners so it’s hard to just read one chapter a night during December!

How Winston Delivered Christmas by Alex T. Smith

How Winston Delivered Christmas - Story Snug

On Christmas Eve cold, hungry Winston is knocked over by Oliver’s letter to Father Christmas. Realising the importance of the letter Winston sets out to deliver it. He navigates his way through the busy city but it’s snowing hard and very dark. Will Winston be able to find Father Christmas and complete his important mission?


How Winston Came Home For Christmas by Alex T. Smith

Winston leaves his warm, cosy home with Oliver to try and find the source of a tune that has evoked a memory. He’s not quite sure what the memory is but his travels lead him on a festive action packed adventure through Europe and beyond…

Both beautifully illustrated books also include twenty four Christmas crafts and activities.


Mr Men Little Miss Advent Calendar

We’re huge fans of the Mr Men and although we haven’t seen a copy of the Mr. Men Little Miss Advent Calendar we think it sounds great. It includes 24 mini story books that can be enjoyed during the countdown to Christmas. Characters include Mr Bump, Mr Silly, Little Miss Magic, Little Miss Sunshine and there’s also a Christmas story – Mr Worry’s Christmas.


Disney: Storybook Collection Advent Calendar

Another Advent Calendar including 24 books is the Disney: Storybook Collection Advent Calendar. We haven’t seen a copy of this advent calendar but think it’s a wonderful idea for Disney fans.


Hogwarts Advent Calendar

We love the look of this Hogwarts Advent Calendar that includes 24 little unisex gifts exclusively made for Christmas 2021.


Storybook Christmas Printable Advent Calendar

How about making your own bookish advent calendar? We absolutely love these printable storybooks which can be downloaded and filled with small gifts or chocolate.


In the past we’ve welcomed many authors, illustrators, book bloggers and translators to Story Snug to tell us about their favourite books during Advent. You can find all their Christmas recommendations on our Pinterest boards.

Story Snug’s 2015 Advent Calendar on Pinterest

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Story Snug’s 2016 Christmas Book Alphabet on Pinterest

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Story Snug’s 2017 Advent Calendar on Pinterest

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  1. lwlarkema avatar

    I love this idea, thank you for sharing it with me! What a wonderful idea outside of the normal for advent calendars. #MMBC

    1. Catherine avatar

      You’re welcome! Advent Calendars with a book theme are always a fun way to count down to Christmas 🙂