Never Mess With A Pirate Princess by Holly Ryan & Sian Roberts

Never Mess With A Pirate Princess has a feisty, determined heroine, page turning action and a bouncy rhyming text. It’s a fun and imaginative story with a main character who is not prepared to stay at home and wait for a gallant knight to rescue her beloved teddy bear. Princess Prue is a fabulous role model for young readers and the story is a real celebration of girl power.

The Story: When a pirate steals Princess Prue’s beloved teddy bear she embarks on a quest to find him. She discovers Teddy and Sir Frank, the gallant knight who told her to stay at home, on a pirate ship and wastes no time in rescuing them from the pirates. 

We love the fierce determination of Princess Prue who isn’t afraid to take on wrongdoers and totally ignores Sir Frank when he tells her to let him deal with the situation and find Teddy! She’s too quick for the pirate crew and once they’re safely tied up she lectures them on stealing children’s favourite toys. But after the contrite pirates find a way to return the toys to their rightful owners a friendship develops between Princess Prue and the pirate crew (which also includes a female pirate) and we love the way that she swaps headgear with the pirate captain while she treasure hunts with Teddy under the sea.

Sian Roberts‘ illustrations are colourful, action packed and full of amusing details. Princess Prue is a caring, compassionate princess who has tea parties with her soft toys and dotes on her favourite bear. We love the way that she dresses him in a crown and cloak to befit his royal status!

But then things change…

Little Ted has been stolen and we love the determined expression on Princess Prue‘s face when she leaves the castle to look for him. Equipped with a sword and a shield she’s prepared to do anything she can to rescue her bear…

Never Mess With A Pirate Princess features a diverse cast of characters and acknowledges how important bears and other soft toys are for young children. All children who have a special cuddly friend will relate to Princess Prue’s consternation when she discovers that Little Ted has been stolen and will delight in her joy when he is found 🙂

Age Range: 3 +

Author: Holly Ryan / Illustrator: Sian Roberts

Thank you to Little Tiger for sending a copy of this fun and empowering story.

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