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The BEAR and her BOOK by Frances Tosdevin & Sophia O’Connor

The Bear and her Book celebrates the brilliance of books – it’s the perfect picture book for bear lovers and book lovers! The Bear takes her ‘Bear’s Big Book of Being Wise’ on a long journey and as well as helping her to solve problems it helps her to make new friends along the way.

The Story: A bear loves her home but she’s curious and wants to explore the world. She packs her ‘Bear’s Big Book of Being Wise’ and visits a variety of locations. The final part of her journey leads her to find a wonderful surprise in an amazing place that she never wants to leave!

The bear meets several different animals as she travels to the sea, the jungle and the desert. She’s able to use her book to help them with a variety of medical problems and receives kindness and companionship from them in return. But the bear doesn’t stay anywhere for long until a sea voyage leads her to find… 

…we don’t want to spoil the ending!

The rhyming text is easy to read with a wonderful repetitive refrain. We love the way that the bear reads out the page numbers in her book when she is trying to find solutions for problems and the fruit of the Sneeze-stop tree sounds amazing!

It’s adorable how the Bear carries her book in a bag around her neck. Sophia O’Connor’s illustrations are beautiful, a mix of amazing double page spreads and small cameos. We love the muted colours, especially the wonderfully atmospheric nighttime scenes.

This gentle rhyming story with an adorably kind and lovable main character is perfect to read at bedtime. We love the kindness that The Bear and her Book radiates and especially the wonderful ending for bear.

Age Range: 3+

Author: Frances Tosdevin / Illustrator: Sophia O’Connor

Thank you to UCLan Publishing for sending a copy of this beautiful book.

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