This book is PANTS! by John Kane

This book is PANTS! takes us on a fun, colourful adventure that requires changing pants to suit different occasions. It’s an intergalactic story about friendship, accepting strangers and underwear – the main characters put on ten different pairs of pants throughout the story! The book’s innovative design makes it truly interactive – children can join in with the adventure by trying on the pants as they read 🙂

The Story: A boy puts on his space pants and flies to the moon. He meets an alien called Buzzly who wants to visit earth and an exciting day follows during which the two characters change their pants according to the situation that they’re in…

The story starts with two rules – always wear pants and always wear the right pants! 

Buzzly and the boy’s adventure takes them from space to the beach but everybody freaks out when they see an alien so they decide to hide in the forest. More pant changing takes place as they deal with weather and hunger but then they get a wonderful surprise and the last pair of pants is particularly snazzy!

The story is told in the first person and the bold, bright illustrations complement the easy to read text. Each location and situation requires different pants – hot pants, speedy pants, smarty pants – and we love the way that the book has a corner cut out so that when you open it and hold it in front of you it looks like you are wearing the pants!

The double spreads alternate between a spread showing Buzzly and the boy wearing their matching pants…

…followed by a double spread showing the pants that they choose. 

These are our favourite pants. Can you guess what kind of pants they are?

This book is PANTS! is a wonderful book to read to a group of nursery or preschool children who could take it in turns to try on the different pants. It could lead to the creation of a fun Early Years classroom wall display with children designing pants for every occasion. We love this final spread and it’s a great illustration to stimulate conversation about which pants are a child’s favourite.

Which pants do you like best? Our favourite pants are the birthday cake pants 🙂

Author / Illustrator: John Kane

Thank you to Templar Books for sending a copy of this amusing story.

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