THE art of WORDS by Robert Vescio & Joanna Bartel

THE art of WORDS is a celebration of the power of words, letters and punctuation. It highlights how they can be rearranged to convey different emotions and meanings and tell stories. Words can be found everywhere and this book exudes joy and excitement as a boy and a girl play with them.

The children guide us through The art of Words as they rearrange letters and play with them. They look at individual words and where they can be found and they look at shapes, sizes and fonts and how words can change length. Punctuation is introduced to show readers how it can help support words when questions need to be asked or sentences need to end. The book really highlights how much fun you can have playing with words and the lyrical language used for the words on the final spread is beautiful.

There are very few words in this book but every word serves a purpose and is supported by wonderful illustrations. On several of the spreads there are only one or two words which have been completely integrated into the artwork.

The illustrations encompass diversity, having fun and are full of joy. The children are accompanied by a dog who is as excited about letters and words as they are!

We love the use of white space and the way that the children actually play and climb in and on the letters.

THE art of WORDS is a great book to read to children in an Early Years classroom as it explains the concept of letters in a fun way and provides lots of opportunities for letter recognition and phonics learning. It’s a great introduction to letters and words and highlights the fun that you can have playing with them and the power and influence that they have in everything that we read and write.

Author: Robert Vescio / Illustrator: Joanna Bartel

Thank you to Exisle Publishing for sending a review copy of this beautiful book.

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