Pippa’s Passover Plate by Vivian Kirkfield & Jill Weber

Pippa’s Passover Plate is a fun, rhyming story that takes place at the beginning of Passover. It’s a story of friendship, caring and also overcoming your fears. Pippa is an adorable, industrious little mouse, we enjoyed reading her story and love the way that she overcame her fears as she looked for her missing Seder plate.

The Story: Pippa is cleaning her house ready for the start of Passover. But she can’t find her special Seder plate. She plucks up courage to ask several animals if they’ve seen it but they haven’t. Then Owl suggests that Pippa asks Golda…

Pippa looks all over her mousehole and although she finds several other missing items she doesn’t find the plate that she’s looking for. Her search takes her outside where she plucks up courage to talk to animals that make her ‘cringe and quake’. But she has nothing to fear as they all do their best to help. The way that Golda is using the plate made us laugh and although retrieving it is quite an adventure, Pippa and the animals are able to go to the Seder together.

The simple rhyming text in Pippa’s Passover Plate is easy to read aloud and has a lovely rhythm. We love the repetitive refrain and the way that Pippa overcomes her fears in her determination to find the plate.

The text is perfectly complemented by Jill Weber’s wonderful illustrations. We love the homely atmosphere of Pippa’s mousehole and particularly love Pippa’s different aprons, she wears several different ones as she cooks!

After reading Pippa’s Passover Plate we were inspired to read more about the Seder plate. It was really interesting to read about the significance of each piece of food and also to find out what a matzo is and why it is hidden.

Pippa’s Passover Plate would be a wonderful book to include when talking about different religions in an Early Years classroom. It can lead to discussions about the traditions that children follow in their own families as they celebrate different festivals.

We’re big fans of Vivian Kirkfield’s fabulous picture book blog, she often interviews authors and illustrators and regularly gives away picture books.

Age Range: 2+

Author: Vivian Kirkfield / Illustrator: Jill Weber

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