Little Bunny’s Book of Thoughts by Steve Smallman

Little Bunny’s Book of Thoughts is a beautifully illustrated, rhyming picture book which encourages mindfulness and offers a child friendly advice for dealing with emotions that they may be struggling with. It helps a reader consider ways that they can regain a positive attitude and experience feelings of calmness, something that all of us are struggling with in these strange times.

Little Bunny starts by talking about how you may be looking for something but you’re not sure what – maybe you’re having an ‘ears-down’ kind of day. But if you lift up your ears and look at life from a different angle you can gain a different perspective.

Seeing friends, being kind to yourself, laughing and believing that dreams will come true can all help to calm you so that you can sleep well.

Little Bunny’s Book of Thoughts encourages you to be kind to yourself and look for ways that could make you happy – maybe ways you’ve not thought about before.

Little Bunny’s Book of Thoughts is a small square hardback book, the perfect size for a Christmas stocking. The easy to read rhyming text is separate from the wonderful monotone illustrations which are really calming to look at. I loved Little Bunny as soon as I saw Steve’s illustrations on Twitter, this cute character’s facial expressions portray a wonderful range of emotions – here is Little Bunny feeling unsure.

© Steve Smallman

One of our favourite illustrations shows Little Bunny ‘looking out and not ‘in”. We love the mole and the vitality in Little Bunny’s ‘bounce’ 🙂

© Steve Smallman

Little Bunny is an adorable character who goes through many emotions in the book but ultimately ends up ‘knowing that life’s not as bad as it seems’. You can follow Little Bunny’s Twitter feed where you can see more of Steve’s fabulous illustrations from the book.

Age: 3 +

Author / Illustrator: Steve Smallman

Thank you to Graffeg for sending a copy of this beautiful little book. It’s a perfect present for ‘someone special’ who is struggling to feel positive.

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