KIDS KNIT by Kerry Kimber

KIDS KNIT ’20 projects with fun techniques to learn’ is a brilliant introduction to knitting. Written for a complete beginner it takes you from casting on for the first time to knitting a moss stitch cactus. Full of colour photos and easy to follow instructions it’s the perfect book to help children learn a new skill and work on simple knitted projects.

KIDS KNIT starts with a list of ‘Ten Great Things About Knitting’ and a double page spread with a photo showing everything you will need to start knitting. Then a more detailed explanation about different kinds of needles and different kinds of wool is given.

The tutorials are really easy to follow with clear photos that take you step by step through each process. Casting on, basic knitting, casting off and sewing are the first lessons and after you’ve learnt all these techniques you will be ready to make a woven pouch, a frog, fingerless mittens, a hand puppet or a baby owl 🙂

Once you’ve mastered these knitting basics you can learn to change colour and knit stripes and at this point you have all the skills to knit a simple teddy bear. Instructions for knitting purl, rib and moss stitch follow as well as increasing stitches. Now you can knit a beanie!

I learnt to knit as a child and it was easy to relearn the various stitches using the instructions in KIDS KNIT. There are so many fun items to knit which require only basic knitting skills, it’s great motivation for children to be able to knit a recognisable object so quickly. We started by practising all the different stitches and techniques in one piece of knitting…

The we knitted a ladybird, a bag (although we made it bigger so that it can be used as a mobile phone case) and a very cute little mouse.

Each project includes a list of what you need and clear instructions which are illustrated by colour photos. The pages are interspersed with jokes, tips and knitting facts and we love the pictures of the proud knitters with their finished projects.

KIDS KNIT frog - Story Snug

KIDS KNIT is written in a very child friendly way and also includes information about where yarn comes from, knitting history and a quiz. Author Kerry Kimber’s enthusiasm for knitting shines through, she has developed a ‘structured programme of fun age and stage appropriate patterns and projects’ as well as trained and supported a team of knitting teachers to work with children in their local communities.

Knitting needles, balls of wool and a copy of KIDS KNIT would make a fantastic Christmas present for a child (or adult!) who wants to learn basic knitting skills. This book has done a great job of teaching us a new skill to keep us busy during lockdown.

Age Range: 5 +

Author: Kerry Kimber

Thank you to GMC Publications for sending a review copy of this fabulous book. We really enjoyed knitting these easy patterns.

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