Can You Find Santa’s Pants? by Becky Davies & Alex Wilmore

Can You Find Santa’s Pants? in time for him to deliver presents on Christmas Eve? This hilarious rhyming picture book leads Santa on a hectic search for underwear – through his house and out into the snow. It’s a madcap race against time during which we were torn between rushing to see if Santa’s search was successful while simultaneously wanting to savour all the wonderful details in the illustrations.

The Story: It’s Christmas Eve and Santa is getting ready to deliver presents. But disaster – he’s lost his underwear! Luckily there are some pants on the washing line – but it’s a windy day! Santa’s attempts to improvise are unsuccessful so he turns to his friends for help. Can he find a pair of pants in time?

Santa quietly confides in his closest friends, Reindeer, Bear and Penguin and they immediately declare a state of emergency! Chaos ensues as their search to ‘Stop those Pants!’ gets more frantic and ends on an icy mountainside – poor Santa must be freezing by now! Luckily Santa’s problem is solved in an unexpected and rather amusing way but he takes no chances when he goes to deliver presents, he makes sure that he takes spare pairs with him!

Alex Wilmore’s fabulous illustrations are full of hilarious details – and underwear! There are pants being used in so many amusing situations but Santa just can’t seem to see them! This provides extra visual entertainment for the readers who can have fun spotting what Santa can’t see! There is a wonderful busy atmosphere in each illustration, the elves are frantically finishing their Christmas Eve jobs and having to find Santa’s underwear adds to the chaos! We love the diversity of elf characters which is brilliantly shown in this illustration of Santa’s kitchen.

The rollicking rhyming text is easy to read and adds to the pace and urgency of Santa’s search. Can You Find Santa’s Pants? has a wonderful festive feel and highlights the support and kindness of friends at Christmas as they pull out all the stops to help Santa.

Author: Becky Davies / Illustrator: Alex Wilmore

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending a review copy of this amusing story. We’re so glad that Santa got to deliver the presents on time!

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