It’s Only One! by Tracey Corderoy & Tony Neal

It’s Only One! is a wonderful story which shows how the consequences of our actions can have an impact on others. One little action may not seem significant but it can lead to a snowball effect which is what happens when Rhino doesn’t put his rubbish in the bin. The impact it has on his friends and neighbours is explored in a child friendly way that ultimately shows readers how they can help to make their own neighbourhoods friendly, happy places.

The Story: Sunnyville is a perfect town but one day, without thinking, Rhino drops a toffee paper. But one toffee paper leads to another and gradually it isn’t just toffee papers but flowers being picked and loud music being played. Sunnyville is no longer perfect but then Mouse has an idea which leads to Rhino having an idea. Can they make Sunnyville perfect again?

Sunnyville’s residents are polite and considerate who are happy and kind until Rhino unthinkingly drops his sweet paper. Giraffe becomes so upset by the accumulating rubbish that he picks a flower to add beauty to his life. Penguin fumes until he decides that loud music will cheer him up so little by little the animals’ kind considerate behaviour is replaced by bad moods and grumpiness.

It’s Only One! portrays a powerful message in an entertaining way. One negative action may seem minor but if the action is repeated on a wider scale it can have an impact on everybody and create tension in a neighbourhood. The situation in Sunnyville escalates as the animals stop being considerate and we love that it is the smallest animal in the story that comes up with a big idea to help put the sparkle back into the town.

The simple narrative text is supported by speech bubbles and Tony Neal’s fabulous illustrations. We’ve spent lots of time admiring the animals’ outfits – we find Giraffe’s flip-flops extremely funny! We also love their range of expressions – particularly Crocodile’s snooty look and Pig’s disgruntled expression when DJ Duck starts ‘Scritch Scratching’!

There are two messages from Tracey Corderoy and Tony Neal at the back of the book which encourage children to think about how their actions can impact others as well as lots of suggestions about how we can be good citizens, keep our neighbourhoods friendly and tidy and be aware of the impact of creating too much noise.

It’s Only One! would be a great book to read in an Early Years or Key Stage One classroom to stimulate discussion about how we can be considerate of each others’ feelings and keep a school / classroom environment friendly and welcoming.

Age Range: 3 +

Author: Tracey Corderoy / Illustrator: Tony Neal

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending a copy of It’s Only One! We love the way that the simplicity of the text and pictures deliver such a powerful message.

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