I Really Really Need A Wee by Karl Newson & Duncan Beedie

We were really intrigued to find out how I Really Really Need A Wee could be the subject of a whole picture book but Bush Baby’s search for a toilet had us turning the pages to see whether s/he could find a toilet before it’s too late! Karl Newson’s rhyming text is paired with Duncan Beedie’s humorous pictures to describe a situation that is familiar to us all!

The Story: Bush Baby didn’t go to the toilet before leaving home and now really really needs a wee! S/he tries to distract herself with other thoughts while looking for a toilet but without success. A hole is occupied as is a cave but then – hooray – Bush Baby finds a toilet. There’s just one problem – a huge queue! Can Bush Baby hold on? And what does s/he realise at the end of the story!

Bush Baby’s search for a toilet is not without incident and when s/he disturbs a bear doing its business it provokes a particularly tense (but also amusing!) situation. We absolutely love the singing and dancing that Bush Baby does while waiting in the toilet queue – who amongst us hasn’t had to do the ‘wee-wee hop’ at some point in time?!

Bush Baby is very cute and we particularly like the way that the character is non gender specific. It’s great to see such an unusual character in a picture book – it can stimulate lots of conversation about an animal that many children are unfamiliar with.

Duncan Beedie’s illustrations are full of humour and crossed legs! We love the variety of creatures who are waiting in the toilet queue – particularly the snake and the flamingo, there’s even a snail! The endpapers are hilarious and show the various animals in their own unique shaped toilet – it’s great fun to guess whose toilet is whose before finding out right at the end of the story. The text is interspersed throughout the illustrations and the size of the font adds to the urgency of Bush Baby’s situation!

On the first day of school it is ALWAYS important to know where the toilet is and I Really Really Need A Wee is a great story to read to break the ice with a new group of children, provide a fun talking point and show everybody where the toilet is!

Age Range: 2 +

Author: Karl Newson / Illustrator: Duncan Beedie

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending I Really Really Need A Wee – it’s hilarious 🙂

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