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Blogtour: Happy 10th birthday to Supermarket Zoo’s Albie! + giveaway

Blogtour: Happy 10th birthday to Supermarket Zoo’s Albie!

We are delighted to be taking part in the blogtour to celebrate ten years of Caryl Hart and Ed Eaves’ Albie books. Supermarket Zoo was one of the first picture books I bought for my daughter and one of the first that we reviewed on Story Snug. It was first published in 2010 and is the first of ten adventures starring ‘Supermarket Zoo’s Albie’ as he is known here.

Over the years Albie has plunged into a pirate pool, been to alien schoolgrown a dinosaur and saved a toy from a comic book baddie. His latest adventure tells us ‘How to Drive a Roman Chariot‘.

To celebrate ten years of Albie’s adventures Caryl is visiting ten different blogs and each blog is featuring five facts related to a particular Albie story. We’re delighted that our five facts are related to Supermarket Zoo and we also have a copy to give away to a lucky UK reader. Head over to Twitter and retweet the pinned tweet to enter.

So over to Caryl’s Five Facts about Zoos:

  1. The word ‘zoo’ comes from the Zoological Society of London, founded in 1828 the organisation’s title was rather long so it was abbreviated to ‘zoo’.
  2. Modern zookeeping started in 1752 with the founding of the Imperial Menagerie at the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna (which is still there today).
  3. Since World War II many zoos became places which could help and protect engaged species. Zoos are also a place where scientists can study animals at close quarters and where people can see and learn about some of the most amazing wild animals in the world. The information they are learning about these animals will help zoologists preserve the species out in the wild.
  4. London Zoo currently holds more than 19000 individual animals and over 600 different species.
  5. Cheshire Zoo did a poll to find out their visitor’s favourite animals and their top five animals were rhinos, elephants, giraffes, lion and tigers. Many of these animals are endangered species.

We can’t believe how many animals live at London Zoo! Thanks Caryl!

You can read more about all the Albie books on Caryl’s website.

About Caryl Hart

Caryl is a full-time children’s author, who also runs creative events and workshops at schools, libraries and festivals. When she’s not writing, Caryl can be found at her local gym, hiking in the hills of the Peak District with her dog, or drinking tea in a nearby cafe. Her favourite place is the library because it’s nice and warm and full of books. She lives in Sheffield, UK with her family.

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