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Wild by Sam Usher

A boy and his Grandad have a ‘Wild’ adventure in Sam Usher’s newest picture book. We love the relationship between these two characters who have already appeared in several picture books including Storm and Sun. Wild is the second picture book in a new series of four picture books that take Grandad and the boy out into the natural world.

The Story: A boy and his grandad are cat sitting but the cat isn’t responding to their offers of playtime and food. When the cat escapes out of an open window the boy and his Grandad are led into a wild adventure and a party. But will the cat behave as they want her to when they get home?

Wild is a wonderful celebration of the boy’s imagination. A familiar everyday experience is turned into an adventure when the cat escapes and the party at the end of the story is mirrored by the first page illustration in the boy’s book. Grandad and the boy delight in each others’ company and Sam Usher has effortlessly managed to show that despite their age differences the two both enjoy their adventure. We love the addition of the cat, she adds extra excitement and challenges to their day before leading them outside.

Sam gave us a fabulous insight into how he creates his illustrations in a blogpost for his Sun blogtour. It is really interesting to see how much work goes into one drawing. We love the party illustration at the end of Wild, especially the variety of instruments that the cats are playing 🙂

Wild party - Story Snug

We hope that Wild will inspire children and their grandfathers to have their own adventures!

Author / Illustrator: Sam Usher

Thank you to Templar Publishing for sending a review copy of Wild, it was great to read a new adventure with Grandad and the boy 🙂

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