Picture Books published in June 2020

Many authors and illustrators have had to cancel or postpone book launches and haven’t had the opportunity to promote their books in real life. We invited authors, illustrators and publishers to share news of their picture books published in June 2020 so that we could share them with you.

Authors and illustrators depend on money earned from school visits and other literary events, which are currently not taking place. If there is any way that you can support them please do. One way of giving support is by buying their books, preferably from your local independent book shop.

So here you go! We haven’t read the books, the text below has been taken from official press releases.

The Bum that Barked by Elisa Peacock and Rowena Aitken – Tiny Tree Books

Bean the Dog and his barking bottom bring you a story full of laughter and ridiculousness. Filled with trumps, parps, and bottom burps, The Bum That Barked is a hilarious tale of fame, fortune and stage-fright that will keep you laughing until the end.

Congratulations on your debut picture book Elisa, this sounds really funny and Rowena’s cover illustration makes us laugh. We love the sparkly title!

Bloom by Anne Booth and Robyn Owen-WilsonTiny Owl Books

Each day, a little girl talks to a flower and it blooms from her attention. The owner of the flower, an angry man, bans her from his garden. The flower refuses to open. The angry man tries everything. But still it does not open. Defeated, he asks the advice of the little girl. Talk to it with love, she says. So he does. And the flower blooms.

We love the sound of this story and the message that it conveys. Bloom has just been chosen as The Times Children’s Book of the Week – huge congratulations to Anne and Robyn 🙂

Alfonso by Emma Perry and Rikin ParekhDavid Fickling Books

Alfonso the Alpaca loves nothing more than relaxing with a good book. Until one day it dawns on him that their is not a single alpaca in any of them – just wall-to-wall bears!

Something must be done, so Alfonso takes it upon himself to write a story about himself. But before long he realises that it’s not so easy (especially when you only have feet) and soon he has to enlist the help of his friend Colin. A bear!

I read the very first draft of this story and remember a lively critique group discussion about the habits of alpacas! It’s so lovely to see the book in print – we think that Rikin’s illustrations are perfect for the story 🙂

Please share this post far and wide so that we can support the authors and illustrators of these newly published picture books published in June 2020. Hopefully very soon they will be able to celebrate with their fans in real life!

Happy Reading everybody and stay well!

14 thoughts on “Picture Books published in June 2020

  1. It’s funny but I never thought on book launches & promos etc not happening during this time. I guess there’s a lot of things that go under your radar when it’s not something that you normally do. The Bum that Barked looks like it will have loads of kids laughing while reading it. Hopefully it’s not too long before the book launches, etc are back on!

    • It’s so sad that authors and illustrators can’t celebrate books after all their hard work. Hopefully this post will help them a little with publicity 🙂

  2. These look great and I was sold immediately by the title The Bum That Barked. I know my kids would have loved that when they were little.

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