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I can’t sleep by Gracia Iglesias & Ximo Abadia

In I can’t sleep a little girl is struggling to get to sleep so she starts to count sheep. Ximo Abadia’s quirky illustrations and a humorous counting text combine to make a fun bedtime story, perfect for sheep lovers and anybody that needs a little help with calming down!

The Story: When the little girl starts counting the first sheep crawls out from under the bed then the second comes down the chimney (can you guess what colour he is?!). Soon the house is full of sheep dancing and singing but it is sheep number nine that finally finds a way to help the little girl drift off to sleep before she can count to ten.

The sheep take over the house and float in the sky – they get up to all sorts of crazy antics! We love the way that they appear, they’re big, fluffy and comforting and also include lambs and a ram. It’s hard to choose a favourite but we love the wisest sheep who serenades the little girl with a tiny guitar! 

We absolutely love Ximo Abadia’s illustrations which are bold, quirky and colourful. The double spreads are sparsely illustrated and the simple text is interpreted in an amusing way – we love this illustration 🙂

Each page in I can’t sleep shows a number as the little girl counts. It’s a great book for teaching number recognition and consolidating numbers and would be especially fun to use in an Early Years classroom. Older children could create their own counting books using their favourite animals.

Age Range: 3 +

Author: Gracia Iglesias / Illustrator: Ximo Abadia

Thank you to Templar Books for sending a copy of I Can’t Sleep, we love the simplicity and humour in the text and illustrations.

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