Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day has been celebrated annually on April 22nd since 1970. Earth Day’s mission is ‘To build the world’s largest environmental movement to drive transformative change for people and planet.’ Our current situation has led to less cars on the road, less travel overall and better air quality but how can we sustain this situation once lockdowns are over and we resume our normal daily lives?

There are some wonderful books, fiction and non fiction, that can help children learn more about the environmental impact that our actions can have on the planet as well as what we can do to protect our earth and slow the impact of climate change. Below are some of our favourites which also include a fabulous Early Reader and a really fun and informative activity book.

The Lumberjack’s Beard by Duncan Beedie

Big Jim Hickory, a lumberjack, needs to make a living but how does it affect the woodland animals when he cuts down the trees, burns the leaves and branches and sends the logs down the river? This beautifully illustrated, entertaining and humorous story shows how the ecosystem is affected by tree felling and what can be done to help reduce the impact.

The Lumberjack's Beard - Story Snug


Dear Earth by Isabel Otter & Clara Anganuzzi

Grandpa used to be an explorer and tells Tessa all about what he has seen on his adventures. Tessa is inspired to write a letter to the Earth and describe everything that Grandpa has told her about. When she has finished she walks on the beach with Grandpa, they talk about sharing the message that the Earth is special so that people can keep the Earth safe. Little Tiger Press has a letter template on their website so that you can write your own letter to the earth.

Dear Earth - Story Snug


When the Bees Buzzed Off! by Lula Bell & Stephen Bennett

The importance of our bee population and how we can all help to ensure bees’ survival is the focus of this story. Garden insects start to panic as they can’t see any bees and the bravest and cleverest minibeasts search the vegetable patch and in the undergrowth but can’t find them. At the end of the day they find the bees in a sunny clearing. The bees explain how important flowers are to them so the insects come up with a plan to bring the bees back to the garden.

When the Bees Buzzed Off! - Story Snug


A Planet Full Of Plastic by Neal Layton

A Planet Full of Plastic gives suggestions as to how we can reduce our plastic use and recycle our waste. We were fascinated by some of the innovative ideas that scientists and engineers are working on to ‘clear up the mess’ and there’s a useful page at the end of the book which gives children ideas as to how they can help to solve the plastic problem. This is a great introduction to the environmental issues which result from our use of plastic and can help to encourage discussions about what we can do to help reduce plastic waste. The text, often accompanied by text within the illustrations, is easy to read and explains concepts in a really child friendly way.

A Planet Full Of Plastic - Story Snug


Climate Action – The Future Is In Our Hands by Georgina Stevens & Katie Rewse

Climate Action is a fabulous, sturdy, fact filled book that helps children understand what climate change means for us all and how our actions and lifestyles can impact the natural world and the future of our planet. It’s a fabulously informative book for conservationists, young and old and hopefully it will motivate readers to make more effort to think about how their daily lives have an impact on climate change. 

Climate Action - Story Snug


Going Green – an Early Reader from Maverick Books

Aliens Finn and Zeek take a fascinating look at how electricity can be produced in a more environmentally friendly way. They look at renewable and non renewable fuel types, wind, water and solar power. We learnt about biomass, how hydroelectric power works and unusual ways that scientists are trying to create green power. The photos are supplemented with diagrams and doodles which help explain how different types of power work.

Maverick Non Fiction Early Readers - Going Green - Story Snug


Be Green! by Mandy Archer & Katie Abey

Be Green! ‘An Activity Book For Young People Who Want To Sustain And Protect The World We Live In’ is full of fun activities to help children learn about their environment and how they can take care of our planet. It promotes important environmental messages and information in a really fun way, introduces new environmental vocabulary and can help to ensure that children grow up with an awareness of their role as a global citizen.

Be Green - Story Snug


What will you be reading on Earth Day? Do you have a favourite book about environmental issues? Please share them in the comments.

Earth Day - Story Snug

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    • I think our children’s generation are really aware of climate change and many of them are really motivated to take care of the planet, it’s great that so many books can help them find ways to do that.

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