The House of Hidden Wonders by Sharon Gosling & Hannah Peck

The House of Hidden Wonders is an action packed mystery set in Victorian Edinburgh. We couldn’t put this book down, it’s a real page turner. We were absolutely fascinated by the story of three impoverished sisters and the mystery that they are thrown into when a ghost appears in their underground hideaway.

The Story: Zinnie and her sisters, Sadie and Nell, live a hand to mouth existence in a tunnel under Edinburgh’s Old Town. But when a ghost starts scaring everybody, Zinnie’s investigations lead to her uncovering intriguing secrets, many linked to The House of Hidden Wonders and Phineas McDuff, the house’s owner.

The House of Hidden Wonders features a range of characters including a young Arthur Conan Doyle who arranges for Zinnie to disguise herself as a maid at Lady Sarah’s dinner party. At the party she also meets Dr. Sophia Jex-Blake, Scotland’s first female doctor, and McDuff who both play important roles in the story.

The three sisters are all very different and protective of each other, especially when Nell falls dangerously ill. Zinnie, despite being unable to read, is brave, innovative and very resourceful, she is the sister who discovers the ghost’s secrets and its link to The House of Hidden Wonders.

A ghost, a fortune teller, corpses with missing ears and a train robbery all play a part in this fast paced mystery which moves between Victorian high society and Edinburgh’s dark underworld as Zinnie uncovers secrets in her attempt to solve the mystery of the ghost. The gap between rich and poor is starkly contrasted as the action moves between the tunnels, Dr Jex-Blake’s clinic and Conan Doyle’s residence.

The story moves quickly and events and characters are seamlessly woven together. There are surprises and twists, it’s a fabulous story for anybody who enjoys a good mystery.

Age Range: 8 +

Author: Sharon Gosling / Cover illustration: Hannah Peck

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending a review copy of this fabulous book.

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