Middle Grade fiction published in March 2020

Many authors and illustrators have had to cancel book launches and no longer have the opportunity to promote their books in real life. We invited authors and illustrators to share news of their middle grade fiction published in March 2020 so that we could share them with you. 

Authors and illustrators depend on money earnt from school visits and other literary events, none of which are possible in the current climate. If there is any way that you can support them please do. One way of giving support is by buying books, preferably from your local independent book shop or through Hive.

So here you go! We haven’t read all the books, the text below has been taken from official press releases.

Audrey Orr and the Robot Rage by Jenny Moore – Maverick Books

When Audrey Orr’s mum wins a luxury cruise to Norway, Audrey thinks she’s won the jackpot – until she realises it’s during term-time. With her no-nonsense headteacher, Mr Stickler, on her case, she has to resort to something a bit unusual: a robot clone! But can she trust Awesome the clone to stay home and pretend to be her or will Awesome turn out to be a bit… Awful?

We’re intrigued by the sound of this story! Now we really want to know how Awesome behaves while Audrey is on her cruise!

Scribble Witch: Notes In Class by Inky Willis – Hachette Childrens

When Molly’s best friend announces that she’s moving to a new school, a blue Wednesday becomes the Worst Wednesday Ever. But then some unexpected magic brightens up Molly’s day. Notes, a tiny paper witch who has been lurking in a pen pot, springs to life – and into action! Some of the things Notes does are absolutely NOT helpful and get Molly into trouble with her grouchbag teacher. But it’s surprising what one tiny witch, armed with nothing more than a pencil, can achieve before the bell for home time rings…

We love the sound of this story and Inky has a fabulous website where you can read or listen to the first chapter of the book as well as download some fun Scribble Witch activities

Wink by Rob Harrell – Hot Key Books

Ross Molloy just wants to be normal. He doesn’t want to lose his hair, or wear a weird hat, or deal with the disappearing friends who don’t know what to say to ‘the cancer kid’. However, with his recent diagnosis of a rare eye cancer, simply blending in is no longer an option. Ross – and his friends – all need to work out how to deal with this devastating challenge that Life has thrown down. Maybe Batpig can come to the rescue?

This is a brilliant book which intertwines humour with the reality of dealing with cancer. We found Ross’ heartwarming story riveting and hope that it will help other readers who may be in a similar situation.

Cloudburst by Wilbur Smith & Chris Wakling – Templar Publishing

Meet fourteen-year old Jack, who is the youngest member of the Cortney family. He has lived in the UK his whole life but this summer his parents are travelling to the Democratic Republic of Congo for an environmental conference, and they’ve promised to take Jack and his friends with them. When his parents go missing, abducted by mercenaries, nobody seems to have any answers. Jack is sure that it’s got something to do with the nearby tantalum mines, but he needs to prove it. Along with Amelia and Xander, Jack must keep his wits about him to save his parents – and his own life too.

We’ve just started reading this fast paced adventure which takes us to a country that we know very little about…

Please share this post far and wide so that we can support the authors and illustrators of this newly published middle grade fiction. If you are an author and / or illustrator and would like your newly published middle grade fiction featured here or in next month’s post please email a press release using the email icon on this page.

Picture books published in March post will also be published soon…

Happy Reading everybody and stay well!

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